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I know I'm behind the times, but I read more than I watch movies or TV. A little while ago my daughter and I watched "Lord of War" (2005), which I enjoyed, starring Nicolas Cage as "Yuri Orlov", who was born in the Ukraine and immigrated to the U.S. with his family. I favor and admire Nicolas Cage, and to me his gentle cynicism and humor come through in every character he's played. I couldn't help but like him in this movie, because he was charming and funny.

A sensible person, of course, should not condone Yuri's career of choice, which is the "world's leading arms dealer". He was very smart and vigilant, but eventually was sold out by his wife, though honestly I'd have done the same, and was caught by Interpol. Yuri's rationale and motivation for his "day job" made sense as far as, in short, if it wasn't him selling weapons to countries that really shouldn't be armed, it would be someone else. In other words, there will always be someone, because there will always be war somewhere in the world and a staggering amount of weapons and ammunition lying around just waiting to be sold. For Yuri, a country that decides not to go to war (or civil war) was not delightful news, especially when he already had a weapons shipment on the way. It could also be devastating to his cash flow. Well, as I've mentioned, he did get caught, but due to his social status of having pull and being on a first name basis with many "distinguished" people, including high-ranking officers in the U.S. military, and warlords, Interpol had to let him go.

It was sad that Yuri's younger brother was murdered, though he was a lost soul and an addict. He had too tender a heart and was not cut out to be Yuri's "partner". Just before his life ended, he was honorable in trying to stop an arms deal from going through in hopes it would stop the genocide in Sierra Leone, which of course it did not.

Towards the end of the movie, while Yuri was in custody, his wife and son left him, which was inevitable, and his father told him that both his sons were dead. Yuri was now the world's leading "orphaned" arms dealer, and the statistic that one in every 12 people of our world's population owns or has a gun was deeply sobering.

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Movie - "Lord of War"

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This article was published on 2010/03/29