I miss you vibram five fingers flow

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Heard this sound, YangFan a wry smile, vibram five fingers sale heart way: "this girl than boys also wild, who later took her to get by."
Young men in black sees, show the color of face made admire, way: "good, have seed, I call LiChi, just see you cast more power of good, let I to sample once again."
"YangFan", YangFan lightly replied.
See each other to challenge yourself, YangFan face crooked smile, saying: "if you wish, I accept your challenge."
At the same time, in the heart YangFan thinking way: each other strength and himself quite, but his also has strong physical strength, it will spell until the last may not lose and each other's "fire triple behead" although very much but just fly technical secondary level, their own "the thor behead" is fly higher technical level, compared to their dominant slightly, the only not enough is just cast "Raytheon cut" energy consumption is still not fully recovered, but beat him but enough.
YangGe see LiChi to challenge YangFan, a full face of not happy, but he knows YangFan temper, and don't say, just said a voice "carefully", then cut back to square edge, always ready to YangFan crisis in the aid shots. Suddenly, a personal against and began.
As YangFan LiChi two people enter combat outside, the audience is a burst of crazy battle cry. VIP guests, Yang day shook his head and then will focus attention on the second man.
JiaoJi among square, two strands of huge breath slowly rising, finally all wander in the Ji peep WuShi period stage. See silver and black war gas, a young slight figure tsing yi is like concealed, young carrying a handle silver pike, at this time is the most ambitious empty head not young black, a god of war chest down earn enough all present audience eye. The nearby red gas war, a black teenager is the one who holds a single hand handle blood-red  to bow step, is a face of dignified looking far tsing yi young, they are at war YangFan and LiChi.
Static, full all held his breath, eyes still staring at the two people, afraid to miss any a slight movement, don't know is which audience members fell off the instruments at any time, fell to earth uttered a light ring, "ding". When voice, see the two people into two straight lines, speed kill to each other, for a moment, tinkling ring on ears, see the sky is silver gun shadow and red blood knife shadow, both constant collision, the instant hit at least one thousand times. Glue war after a moment, both sudden back, who also didn't seem to get the upper hand, both consciousness to go on like this have no result, with prepare to use one last effort to slug.
Over the square, energy begins to appear violent fluctuation, and finally form a huge energy directly into the practice horse LiChi within the body, along with the energy continue to come into the body, LiChi war gas pouring into the hands of the great red, as war into gas, contributes more and more strong broadsword, eventually forming the flame of blood-red round the sun.
"To make Saturday?" , Yang once a leng, each other's vowing to absorb foreign energy can through to supplement the deficiency of the war gas, but myself but completely in consumption ready cash ah. Now his achievement method only stay in the gray level medium, such as "the thor behead" this kind of powerful vowing to cast a more restrictive, it seems that rapidly let its upgrade to just go. Seems to lash out with a victory over the other, YangFan not thought of. Then will the whole body to release the air war ascension, and then into the close of silver gun, with gas into war, a silver gun ray mans at first glance over now. And then, see a silver gun in the air with a mysterious and complex picture of the track.
"Let us a recruit tie it, fire triple behead", LiChi the flame of the sun on a great into three rounds, and to YangFan disease to cut.

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I miss you vibram five fingers flow

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I miss you vibram five fingers flow

This article was published on 2012/04/26